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Raw Meat Pet Food Diet, Tuckton, Bournemouth, BH6

Why Feed Your Pets the Raw Meat Pet Diet?

Raw Nature is the leading supplier of Raw Meat Pet Foods & Treats in Christchurch, Dorset.

The Raw Meat Pet Diet is a 100% Natural Food Diet for Cats & Dogs with 100% Natural Ingredients - that means NO Additives & NO Artificial Colourings.

Raw Nature is seeking DEFRA-Approved status as a Raw Meat Pet Food Supplier - All our food is sourced responsibly from Approved Suppliers.

Also known as the BARF ("Biologically Appropriate Raw Food") diet, the Raw Meat Pet Diet is not expensive - and the added benefits over a dried food kibble-type diet will truly show in your pets!

So Why else should You Feed Your Pets Raw Meat?

  • Improved digestion
  • Stronger immune system
  • Firmer stools with less odour
  • Increased stimulation
  • Leaner body mass
  • Improved skin, coat & teeth

Your Pets Will Love It!

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Louie, Willow & Bonnie - Raw Meat Pet Food Diet, Tuckton

About Raw Nature - Our Story...

I must confess we were one of those pet-loving familes that had always fed our pets on dried pellet food & kibble.

Having previously only owned terriers, 4 years ago we introduced Louie, a French Bulldog boy puppy, to the family. It soon became apparent due to his terrible flatulence and frequent regurgitation that he could not digest his food properly.

While looking for a solution for our Bulldog pup, a friend told me about the 'Raw Meat' diet…

The introduction to this diet was relatively simple and, in a few days of weaning him off the pellet food, we could see the change - much less flatulence, no regurgitation, firmer stools - and much happier, less smelly dogs!  

Even Bonnie, our 10 year old Cairns Terrier bitch, was more sprightly and we could visibly see the spring in her step!

We then considered moving Willow, our 14 year old Bengal Cat, onto the Raw Meat diet given the obvious benefits that it had given our dogs.  Willow took a little longer to adjust to her diet than Louie & Bonnie…

We tried everything and eventually found that the optimum diet for Willow was a blend of Minced Chicken & Minced Fish - what a change! She soon had a visibly healthier, rejuvenated coat and was back to her old kitten ways with more energy & mischief.

  • raw_minced_chicken_400g
    POA Minced Chicken (400g)
    3.91305 5 23 Product
  • raw_minced_chicken_700g_1731906066
    POA Minced Chicken (700g)
    3.86957 5 23 Product
  • Minced Chicken (200g)
    POA Minced Chicken (200g)
  • POA Minced Chicken - FINE Cut (700g)
  • Minced Chicken - FINE Cut (400g)
    POA Minced Chicken - FINE Cut (400g)
  • 200g_fine_chicken_2
    POA Minced Chicken - FINE Cut (200g)
  • Minced Chicken & White Fish (Coarse Cut)
    POA Minced Chicken & White Fish (Coarse Cut)
  • Minced Chicken & White Fish (Fine Cut)
    POA Minced Chicken & White Fish (Fine Cut)
  • raw_minced_chicken_and_veg_400g
    POA Minced Chicken & Minced Veg
  • 200g_tick_and_flea
    POA Minced Chicken + Repels Fleas, Ticks & Mites (200g)
  • buffalo_horn
    POA Buffalo Horn
  • bulls_pizzles
    £ 1.59 each Bulls Pizzle
  • image_5
    POA Chicken Feet
  • photo
    POA Cow Hooves
  • dried_sprats_pack
    £ 3.19 each Dried Sprats
  • natural_calf_hooves_pack
    POA Natural Calf Hooves
  • natu-tripe-dog-bone_large
    POA NatuTripe Bone (Large)
  • natural_tripe_dog_bone_small
    POA NatuTripe Bone (Small)
  • dried_meat
    £ 3.49 each 100% Dried Meat
  • image_6
    POA Pig Ear Strips

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